Brazilian straightening

If your hair is curly or wavy hair, you may be considering the option of using Brazilian straightening to change your appearance and achieve smooth and soft hair for a long period of time, without having to iron every morning -and Avoid damaging your hair too much. For further info, click here: Brazilian Blowout


Unlike hair irons that you must comb and straighten your hair regularly, Brazilian straightening keeps your hair ready, even if you wash it or pass the time, so the results are semi-permanent. Next, I want to explain some instructions so that you know how to do the Brazilian straightening at home and thus save you money at the hairdresser.


Smoothed braseliño, you will need some things.


Unlike the Japanese straightening, the Brazilian straightening will achieve that your hair is smooth without the need to damage it at all since this technique does not contain chemical products that can harm the health of your hair. Keratin used protein as a treatment, which is very similar to the one that the hair produces naturally, so instead of damaging the hair, what it does is complement it. Once this is known, you should bear in mind that you will need some things to start doing the Brazilian straightening at home:


·        Keratin for hair

·        Shampoo to smooth hair -if you don't know which one can be better, you can ask your hairdresser-

·        Hairdryer

·        Hair straightener

·        Prepare the hair

The first step is to wash the hair with a special shampoo to straighten. Many high-end brands have this type of shampoo, but remember that if you have any doubts, you can ask your hairdresser to advise you on the best one for you. Buy the one you think is most convenient for you and wash your hair with it. Then rinse your hair thoroughly and dry it with a soft towel. Your hair must be damp - but not wet - to start the treatment.


With wet hair, you will have to divide your hair into different sections to start doing the Brazilian straightening; you can do it with hair clips or bobby pins. If you have thick hair, you can divide it into several sections, but remember that all the hair must be worked to obtain good results.

Brazilian straightening

Once you have parted your hair, it will be time to apply the Brazilian Keratin. Staring at the root is the best way by going through the roots and going down towards the ends of the hair. Spread the product all over your damp hair, and this will make the effect much more lasting.

When you have applied the product all over your hair, then you should switch to using the iron. The use of the metal should be about 20 minutes because the heat given off by this device, along with the keratin product that you have in your hair, will achieve a spectacular Brazilian straightening. You must be patient; do not iron your hair in a rush or too tight, if you do it gently, you will get better results.


Finally, it would help if you used the hair straightener again when you have dehydrated hair. Ideally, use the straightener from root to tip, with patience and lock by lock. Do it in the same direction -the use of the iron on your hair- at least three times in a row to obtain the desired result.